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When choosing your walk-in floor, consider practicality, traffic volume and type, durability, ease of cleaning, as well as an overall design that will deliver long-lasting performance. Our expert team of account managers and sales reps will advise you on how floors are the first to feel the wear and tear, with Amerikooler's range of floor options, we can ensure that your unit has a floor that best fits your needs.


  • Durable, Corrosion-Resistant Acrylume® Exterior Metal Skins

  • Integral Floor Panels with 1/2" Radius Cove to Facilitate Cleaning

  • No Hard-Nose Low Insulation Framing

  • Assembly with Corrosion Resistant Cam-Action Locking Devices

  • Tongue & Groove with Same AK-XPS4 Insulation

  • NSF Approved Compression Gaskets Applied to Tongue Side of All Panels

  • Access to Locking Devices via Interior of Panels

  • PVC Press-Fit Caps Provided to Seal 3/8" Diameter Hex-Wrench Ports

  • 4' Rigid AK-XPS4 Extruded Foam Insulation 

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Finish Options

  • .050 Smooth Aluminum

  • 22 Gauge Smooth Stainless Steel 

  • 22 Gauge Textured Stainless Steel - (Customer Preferred)

  • .090 Aluminum Diamond Tread Plate - Overlay Sheets

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  • STANDARD FLOOR: Rated at 600 Pounds Per-Square-Foot (PSF) of Uniformly Distributed Load. Suitable for Foot-Traffic Applications. 

  • UNDERLAYMENT REINFORCED FLOOR: Rated at 1200 PSF; 1300 PSF with smooth stainless steel; or 1500 PSF with textured stainless steel. Suitable for Pan Rolling Racks, Hand Trucks, Log Carts and Dollie Cart Applications.

  • UNDERLAYMENT REINFORCED FLOOR WITH OVERLAY: Standard Finish Rated at 1700 PSF. Suitable for Hand Trucks, Beer Keg Carts, Log Carts and Dollie Carts Applications. 

  • THE ULTIMATE FLOOR: Rated at 2600 PSF with textured Stainless Steel Finish. Suitable for Hand Pallet Jack and Dollie Cart Applications.

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